How Bad Do You Want It?

Mar 1, 2012


We talked in the last week about what you would do with your life if you had absolutely no barriers. If you’ve followed along, you not only thought about it, you wrote it down. Then you identified what has been holding you back from living your dream. After all, we only get one chance, right?
It’s not like our time here on earth is infinite, sadly it will come to an end.

So now that you know what you want to do, and why you haven’t done it, my next question is…..are you serious? If you could really get to that perfect every day life that you have imagined, would you do it? Or is it easier to stay in your routine, follow the social norms or maybe even just complain about why you can’t?

If you really want to live your life with no regrets, loving every minute, taking control of your own destiny, you can. However, (you knew there’d be a but, right?), I’m not going to tell you it will be easy at first or that people will not laugh at you and call you crazy. Probably just the opposite. They will question your sanity. You may question your sanity. But always remind yourself of the end result you are going to achieve. How? You’ve written it down, remember? You’ve pictured it in your head, not just vaguely, but in detail, down to the minute.

When you revisit your defined dream life, ask yourself again. Is this what I want.

If it is, stick with it!


No one will make it happen, no one will care if it happens if you don’t! If you find yourself studying your dream life and you realize it’s not really what you want after all, that’s ok. That’s normal! Change it. It’s your life. It’s not a test with some strict teacher walking around waiting to slap your hands when you don’t know the answer. Nobody has all the answers, but you come the closest to having the answers for yourself.

Does that mean disregard other people, rules of society and caring for others? Of course not. A lot of people confuse taking charge of your life and being selfish as the same thing. They are absolutely not the same. How can you expect to improve the world and those around you without improving yourself first? You can’t. The easiest way to make the people who love you happy is to let them see you succeed. Let them look to you as an inspiration and a refuge of things that can go right.

If you are committed, if you know what you want, and you are ready, lets go get it. Your dream starts today.

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