Change is good!

May 2, 2013
Change is good

Motivation is important

So much has happened since my last post that I have to start this one off with an explanation.  When I started this site, my intention was to focus primarily on internet marketing and my experiences into that endeavor.  That is going great, and I still want to share that with all of you, but a lot is also happening on a personal level and I need a platform to share that as well.  Therefore, from now on, the primary purpose of this site,, will be to share my personal experiences.

Don't feel trapped

Think outside of the box!


I may still discuss a few business topics, but for the most part, what I share here will be whatever is on the forefront of my mind at the time, whatever that topic may be. I still have the other sites, and and will post forensic science related topics there.  Soon I will add another site specifically devoted to my journey into internet marketing.


Hopefully, this designation will help route traffic to the appropriate sites. Now you won’t have to read all about the latest updates with my children or vacation plans if all you care about is how much money did I earn with Google AdSense last month.

So, having said that, happy May!

Stay tuned for the next update soon!

And that is exactly when I’ll be posting my first real blog entry.  Any special requests?