What’s up guys?

Sep 16, 2015
Mason kissing Hulk

Sometimes, you just have to kiss an ass

I’m back! Sorry to steal that line from Jack Nicholson and the “Shining”, but it’s been awhile, eh? Been busy, busy, busy. Life happens, right? I have been doing LOTS of on-line marketing research, reselling (mostly on Amazon and ebay) and even created my own private label products. Unfortunately, I’ve let the documentation of all of it fall off the face of the earth. Woops. No more!

Lets catch up. Since we’ve talked, I’ve increased my on-line income to about $1200 a month. Not much, you say, and I suppose it’s all relative, however what I like about this figure is that I literally spend less than TEN hours a month to make this amount. For me, time is money. I just don’t have much of it. I have adopted a little boy who is now three, and I work full time as a professional consultant, I maintain a 14 acre farm with multiple animals by myself (single parent). When do I find time for this on-line hobby? Well, let’s see, it’s 11:08 pm as I speak and my boy is sleeping beside me. We will be up at 5 AM to take him to daycare and from there on to my 9-5, followed by the hour commute home and supper and baths,feed the animals, do the chores, and then we are back to internet marketing time at 11.

Tv?  Couch? What are these things I have heard of in the world of fantasy?

People do this? Lounge?

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What exactly have I been doing to make an extra $1200 a month?

Mostly selling on Amazon.com.

What do I sell? All kinds of things! Food, games (these are my favorite), books, small appliances, hardware…almost anything except jewelry and clothes.

Where do I get these things? My favorite place is Salvation Army because they are CHEAP. Next are garage sales, Craigslist, auctions, and clearance racks in retail stores.

There is such a huge rush in selling a product for literally 10 times what you paid for it, that makes this the funnest job in the world! Who can not like this!

What’s the bad side of this?

Well, one corner of my dining room has been designated the “Amazon corner”. It is stacked with product, packaging material, boxes, labels, and a scale. When the stack gets too large or too valuable, I drag myself over to the computer, login to Amazon, tell them what I have to sell and they tell me where to ship it. I then go about my way, labeling and putting things into boxes, sealing them, printing UPS labels and loading them into my truck. This is the part I consider work. The next day, I drop the boxes at my local UPS shipping center (which happens to be Staples for me) and I feel this big sense of accomplishment for making money. I know that within a weeks time, those products will be available on Amazon and I will instantly start to sell and realize a profit on my investment. Incredible.

Want an example, you say?

Ok. Three weeks ago, I went on Craigslist. An add had just been placed for about 20 college text books. No prices, just “make an offer.” I looked most of them up on Amazon and found that the average used price was $40 per book. You can also tell a little bit about the demand for an item from the Amazon listing and get an idea of how fast it will sell. Based on this little bit of research, I figured I was really interested in about 10 of the 20 books. So sent an email to the seller, “How much do you want for your books? What do you think is fair?” He says, “Which ones are you interested in?” I gave him my list. He replied, “How about $5 each?” And so the deal was made. I bought 10 books for $50, met him in a parking lot the next day and carted my books home to my “warehouse”. I sent them to Amazon and sold three the second they hit the site. Within a week I had sold all ten for a grand total of $528. Wow. How cool. Now, you’re right, this is not all profit. It cost me $15 to ship them and Amazon kept around $180 in exchange for their marketing and shipping to the customer. Net profit, turned $50 into over $250 after expenses, in two weeks with an hour of total “work”.

Can I make a living from these small deals? Not me. But man, is it a blast! And what’s nice is I do as much or as little as I want. Recently, I needed to come up with a little extra cash for something I really didn’t need, I just really wanted. I couldn’t justify it in the grand scheme of things, with two kids in college, an aging truck and a million animals to feed. BUT, when I realized all I had to do was make a couple of good finds to flip on Amazon, that became my new goal. I found two brand new water purifiers at GoodWill for $4 each. Sold both of them in a week for $45. Well on my way to that little perk that I would normally put off for a better time.

As you can see, I get a little pumped talking about this stuff. It’s so fun, and I’ve met some great people on Facebook and youtube that do the same thing. We geek out on our finds and call it the “thrill of the hunt”.

Private label product

Products from China?

Next time, I’ll give you the rundown on the private label products that I had manufactured in CHINA and shipped to my company headquarters (Aka, my bedroom.) That has been an interesting learning experience. Profitable? Well, we will see. Until next time, do something fun!