Making money from anywhereAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts , a big goal of mine is to travel the country and then the world.
Since I don’t currently have millions of dollars lying around waiting to fund this travel, I have to continue to generate an income while I’m on the road. Many of you may have this same need, either because you too want to travel, or because you just simply want to be able to work whenever and where ever you want and not have to actually clock in at a typical 9 to 5 job somewhere in a nice little cubicle.
There are actually several ways to make money from anywhere, and if you sit and think about it a minute, you could probably come up with a list fairly quickly. Some examples that I thought about include:

  • Write, publish and sell a book.
  • Invent and market a product.
  • Buy and rent real estate.
  • Act as a consultant if you have a specialized skill to offer
  • Resell products via Ebay or Amazon
  • Internet marketing

As you look at this list, you will probably quickly find reasons why one, more or all are not for you. However, expand your mind a minute and open yourself up to the possibility that at least one may be an option.
I am actually doing a couple of the items on the list, but the one option I am going to focus on and am really excited about is Internet Marketing.


Internet marketing

For me, internet marketing has set a fire in my brain that won’t go out. I actually stumbled upon this whole idea after listening to an awesome podcast that I highly recommend called the Smart Passive Income Podcast, by Pat Flynn.
Pat is amazing and I give him full credit for giving me the courage and the motivation to take the next step in achieving my ideal lifestyle. He also has a ton of videos and blog posts that walk you through the most common questions and stumbling block you may encounter.


internet marketing resourcesIf any of you are like me, you’re asking yourself, “Internet marketing? What is that? Sounds like a scam type of deal or a get rich quick scheme.” Simply put, internet marketing is a fancy term for selling products, services or information via the internet. The types of things you sell could be those things in the list above, like a book a how-to guide, consulting services, actual physical products, or even just information.

Ok, so great idea Kristin, how do you actually go about doing this and make it work? Give us some details!!!


Lucky for you, I am going to let you in on all the information that I have been devouring over the past two months to answer this very question. I am going to be sharing each step in my process of generating internet marketing income right here on this blog, absolutely free. You will witness every success, every failure and every stumble. In doing so, you can learn about the internet marketing world and decide if it is for you. I will make every effort to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible. If you have a question, please, please ask. I guarantee I will not be offended and it is probably not something that I did not ask myself as I started this endeavor.

Why is this an advantage for you?

The simple answer is: time and money.

My research and trials and errors will save you lots of it.
increase google traffic
In January, I listened to all of Pat’s podcast which are very rich in content and packed with resources. I also listened and read other internet marketing materials from people who are successfully making money on-line. These include people like Cliff Ravenscraft from, Adam Baker at , Scott Young at, Tim Ferriss at , and Tyrone Shum at

I studied for countless hours on how to get traffic to your site, because even if you have the best product in the world, it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. I’ve spent money on tools and classes in order to learn:

  • How to get your site to the top of the results list produced from a google search
  • How to use social media (things like Facebook, Google+, Twitter) to spread the word and about your brand and sell more product
  • How to earn money through affiliate marketing (selling other people’s product and earning a commission)
  • How to effectively use paid advertisement like Google Adsense on your websites to generate income
  • How to outsource your work for a very reasonable price to free your time
  • How to set up an on-line store
  • How to create and use an email subscriber list

I actually read Google’s technical user manuals and watched their tutorials. For a lot of you, this sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. For me, it’s how I work. I’m one of those geeks that actually reads the instruction manuals that come with new electronics or assembly required furniture. Why should the worlds leading search engine be any different?
I have over ten years of experience as a computer consultant and know my way around the internet pretty well and can code myself out of a paper bag. This is certainly not a necessity to be successful in internet marketing, but it definitely helps.

internet marketing questions

internet marketing questions

Does all this sound greek to you? That’s ok. I have literally spent hundreds of hours researching these topics and I’m going to share the results with you so you don’t have to. If what I’ve learned works for me, it absolutely can work for you. It has worked for countless of others, it really has! There is no reason we too can’t successfully earn a substantial income via internet marketing and live the life we want with the freedom of working from anywhere that has access to an internet connection.
You still probably have quite a few questions, so I’ve kept it short and sweet to answer a few of them here:

  • Do you need to have a college education? No.
  • Can you do this while working a full-time job? Yes
  • Do you need to be a computer programmer? No
  • Can you do this with little effort? No
  • Will you make millions? Probably not, but you can make enough to live comfortably.
  • Is this a scam? No
  • Is this easy? Depends on your definition of easy.
  • Is it an overnight solution? No
  • Is it legal? Yes
  • Is it honest? Yes
  • Is it respectable? Yes
  • Is it helpful to others? Yes

Ready for the details? My next post will dive right in to my first endeavor as an internet marketer and will teach you how to make your very own website to get started.
If you like this page and are starting to catch the bug of working for yourself, from anywhere, like this post and leave me a comment, telling me your ideas or what you are struggling with to get yourself started.