If you never had to worry about income again, what would you do?

For just a second, think about that question.  You have an unlimited supply of wealth.  What will you do tomorrow?  What about the next day?  Next week?


For many of us, it’s easy to rattle off one or two things, briefly fantasize and then brush off the idea.  That’s where I want you to STOP.  Pretend for a minute that it is a reality.


For the rest of your life, you can do whatever you want.   Absolutely anything, within the boundaries of the law and your conscious, of course.


If you give this some serious thought, you may find it’s not that easy to define.


For example, my first reaction is, “That’s easy. I’d travel.”  But travel where, specifically?  For how long?  With who?  What would I do on these trips?
beach travel

Caribbean, here I come!


Would you sell your house?  Would you work?  Would you buy things?  Would you devote your time to a “greater cause”?  There is no right or wrong answer but there must be an answer.  Why?


Most of us have been conditioned NOT to dream.


When we were young, not only would this have been an easy question to answer, but probably one that we would have considered stupid.  Why wouldn’t you do whatever you wanted to do when you grew up?
But as we grow older and are told by others that we can’t have it all, we begin to accept it as fact.  Our failures and shortcomings are seen as validation that life is a series of compromises, and the biggest compromise of all is that your dreams and wishful thoughts are simply not possible.


Your life is YOUR choice.


If you really believe that you cannot live your dream life, YOU are limiting YOURSELF.  You CAN have it all.  I will tell you how.


Step #1 – define  your ideal lifestyle


define your dream

Define your dream.


This is the hard part.  Before you can take a single step into making your ideal life a reality, you have to define it.  That means more than a passing thought.  Really think about it, and then WRITE IT DOWN.    Be detailed, and include a timeline.    What does the first day of your new life look like ?  What about three months later?   And finally a year later?  DEFINE IT.


If you are serious and really want to live the life you’ve always wanted, you must take the first step.  Not later, now.  Later becomes tomorrow, which becomes next year, which becomes never.  If you don’t take the first step, right now, you don’t really want to change, you just want to whine.


Your choice.  What will it be?  Let us know your progress by commenting below!